About Genesis Token

Genesis is an operating system that hosts decentralized networks by enabling the deconstruction of existing services and the use of a wide range of decentralized services and components to ensure that users can safely and easily access services on the blockchain and application.

Decentralized Storage
The existing centralized cloud storage solution has certain security risks from the essence.

By combining with decentralized storage technology, Genesis provides users with a more secure online storage service.

Management Of Cryptographic Assets
In Genesis, we will provide users with built-in data asset management services, as well as online payment services, which will be open to applications in the form of SDK.

Accessible Network Communication
The Internet itself is free and open. However, the network topology architecture today is based on a hierarchical star architecture. There are some central nodes that hinder free and open.

We are also investigating and combining wireless access technologies with mature and reliable mesh topologies to make it easier for people to access the network.